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Thieves and Liars

Thieves and Liars

Artist: Call to the Faithful
Label: Unsigned
Release Date: 27-8-2021
Genres: Alternative Rock, Punk, Rock

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About Album

Following July’s anti-establishment punk-rock anthem ‘Animals’ – a song which has garnered the band attention far and wide with radio play on BBC Introducing, Total Rock, Amazing Radio, Primordial Radio and many more – the guys are wasting no time returning with the next part of their message – ‘Thieves and Liars‘.

Sticking with the theme set out in the last release, Thieves and Liars explores the disillusionment felt by millions across the nation as their self-serving leaders continue to promote division and hatred amongst the masses. It’s a call-to-arms for anyone that shares that concern, delivered through a message of hope and unity, hypothesising what might be possible if we stand together – united, strong!


Not deviating too far from the punky edge that served them so well on Animals, this latest single does afford the band an opportunity to flex their capabilities a little more. Their trademark big drum sounds and in-your-face riffs are still evident, as are vocalist Matt Beard’s angry rap-like verses but this time complimented with a softer, more melodic chorus accentuated by gang backing vocals all leading up to a breakdown that needs to be heard to feel the full gravity. This track reinforces that Call to the Faithful are on top of their game and intent on leaving their mark on the rock scene, with the third release of this cycle ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ set to follow in September, this is a band that isn’t going away anytime soon and you’re not gonna want to ignore.

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